4 Awesome Venues for Your Next Event in Charlotte

Planning an event in Uptown Charlotte? Here are some venues I have performed in that stood out.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found one of the hardest parts of planning events for private parties or corporate events is finding the venue. Fortunately as a full time magician in Charlotte I’ve had the pleasure of performing for (literally) every rooftop bar, the coolest restaurants, and just about every single country club in the city. With that in mind, I have a strong memory of places I’ve loved performing and also just hanging out!

Here are some of the most memorable venues I’ve performed magic in that are relatively close or in the city center.

Best Cocktail Hour and Rooftop View: Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit is the default spot of choice for anyone who lives in Charlotte to show off how cool their city is! The views from the outdoor patio are stunning and pair amazingly with craft cocktails, appetizers, and close up magic. This is definitely one of the more popular restaurants and rooftop bars in Charlotte.

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I’d Recommend This Space For

Groups of under 100 who want awesome views, delicious appetizers, and a spacious outdoor patio to mix and mingle.


Moderate. (At least for Uptown Charlotte). If you want the best deal for their private event room bring your group on a weekday.

Best Venue for Gala Events: Ritz Carlton

I probably don’t need to explain the significance of the Ritz Carlton, but one notable feature is the size of their ballroom. The Ritz has one of the largest ballrooms for corporate gala events in Uptown Charlotte and its centralized location is perfect for guests who are staying from out of town or even locally. Some of the craziest startup launch parties I’ve performed magic for have happened here and the staff, venue, and location are top notch!

This is also the spot where I first did a magic trick for Hugo from the Charlotte Hornets!

I’d Recommend This Space For

Parties of 20-600 who want the best of the best! They have a variety of both intimate rooms and large ballrooms that can accommodate just about any event. When I think of the magic I’ve performed for corporate events here, it is usually in an upscale, intimate space of about 150 people where I have performed my stand up magic show. Honestly you can’t go wrong either way at the Ritz.


Expensive. But you can expect that at one of the most popular high end hotel and event spaces in all of Charlotte.

Best Cocktail Hour and Gala Combo: Le Meridien

Nestled a short walk from the Charlotte Center City the Le Meridien has the best of both worlds: An attractive rooftop bar called City Lights and various sized event spaces throughout the hotel to fit any occasion. However, parking and walking to the Le Meridien is sometimes difficult I’ve found.


I’d Recommend This Space For

Events hosting 100-200 attendees such as weddings or corporate events. The rooftop bar and event space combo works terrifically for socializing and then moving on to the main event. For my performances I have performed strolling magic for guests on the rooftop, and then performed a stage show in the ballroom.

Le Meridien gets a thumbs up


Moderate to high depending on how much space you use and if your event will include food.

Best Budget Option: The Palmer Building

Don’t let the word budget deter you. The Palmer Building is actually quite a nice place to host an event at a fairly low cost compared to most other venues near Uptown Charlotte. I consider it one of the best kept secrets.

IMG_3363 2.jpg
The View From on Stage!

I’d Recommend This Space For

Groups of 100-200 who are looking for the basic necessities of an event space close to the city center. I would also recommend this space for anyone hiring entertainment as the room is already set up in a fashion to watch a show on the stage.


Low compared to most venues near Uptown Charlotte

And there you have it! These were four spaces that I would recommend using for your next event. Keep in mind these are not the ONLY four, just the first four that come to mind when clients ask what spaces I recommend in the city. I’m always happy to recommend event planning venues and ideas for any potential clients, so feel free to shoot me a message if you are having trouble planning your event!