Interactive Magic for College Campuses

Your University has seen it all… until now!

College Audiences LOVE Hayden's Magic Show!

At the age of 25 Hayden performs a highly interactive and unique magic show that is catered to a campus audiences. It is fun, interactive, hilarious, and best of all you will be fooled… no doubt about it!. This show features magic on Snapchat, mentalism, and you won’t believe what happens to someone’s money!

Why College Campuses Love Working with Hayden

Planning events is hard work! When you work with Hayden’s show you and your team can be assured for a fun, stress free process with a marketing plan that will boost attendance on your campus!

all inclusive pricing

No hidden costs whatsoever. Whatever price you are quoted is all your school pays! 

Young and modern

As a recent college graduate himself, Hayden knows what college audiences want to see. No more lame rabbits out of hats!

Marketing Materials

When you bring Hayden to your school you get free marketing materials that have been shown to boost attendance for events!

Satisfied Colleges and Universities

Stetson University loves Hayden's magic
Magician for Corporate Events
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