How Does Hayden Do The Card Trick?

How Does Hayden Do The Card Trick?

For anyone who is reading this blog post, you may be wondering why I’ve made a post explaining how a magic trick is done. Well, the truth is, I’m not really explaining how I did a magic trick. I am illustrating the point that searching for a solution on the web doesn’t always give you information that is useful.

We are in the information age, but we are more and more uninformed.  I can pull out my phone at any time and pull up any information I want. This gives me the illusion of being smarter – but really, it’s just an illusion.

Do we really know things?… Or do we just know where to find them? And even if we find them, do we understand them?

The internet has made us cocky and cynical – and makes us believe there is no mystery left in the world.

Well guess what? If you just searched this after meeting me, you picked a card, and it was an Ace of hearts. And just because you googled the answer and found a result, it didn’t make you any wiser to the mystery.

Hayden Holding Ace of Hearts
How Does Hayden Do the Card Trick?



So, How Does Hayden Do the Card Trick?


I forced you to pick the ace of hearts through sleight of hand and psychological manipulation.


But how did I do that?


No clue.