New York City Magician and Mentalist

Hayden Childress

Sophisticated, absurd, and thoughtful close up magic and mentalism for events in New York City. 

Meet Hayden Childress

 Hayden is a professional magician and mentalist in New York City. 

His magic shows combine sleight of hand, psychology, and comedy together into a witty, thought provoking performance. 

Hayden is one of the featured magicians in Speakeasy Magick at the McKittrick Hotel.

He has also been featured off broadway at New York’s longest running magic show, Monday Night Magic, and was recently featured on the latest season of Penn and Teller: Fool Us.

Hayden performs magic in New York City for corporate events and private parties.

Ready to take your event to the next level?

Hayden Performs for companies such as...

"You Were terrific"

Robert De Niro

Close-Up Magic shows for Private Events

Experience Hayden's Close-UP Magic at your next corporate event, dinner party, or whatever your imagination allows.

Stage Magic

Fun, Incredible, and Interactive magic and mentalism for audiences up to 2,000 attendees

Close Up Magic

See Hayden perform Up-Close, walking around at your event

Sophisticated, absurd magic shows in New York City

Hayden’s magic shows are fun, thought provoking, and feature original magic created by Hayden himself.

Hayden performs close up magic shows in NYC as well as strolling magic for private events in New York City.

Hayden also performs virtual magic shows for corporate events.

Why You Should Work with Hayden

15+ years Experience

Hayden has been performing magic since he was 10 years old. He has also been as a magician for corporate events since he was in business school. With years of experience doing hundreds of events, Hayden has experience working just about any type of room and venue.

NYC Based Magician

As a magician in New York City, you get all the perks of hiring a NYC magician. There are no travel fees for events booked in New York City.

Easy Booking Process

Booking is done instantly and easily through Square’s online portal. To reserve a date and time only a $500 deposit is required.

All major credit cards are accepted, as well as Venmo and PayPal. 

Which magic Show is best for your NYC event?

Hayden offers strolling magic and close-up magic shows for events in New York City.

Strolling magic involves Hayden walking around performing group-to-group performing close-up magic. If you have seen NYC magicians at Speakeasy Magick at the Mckittrick Hotel, this is similar. Strolling magic is a popular option in New York City for cocktail parties, dinner parties, corporate events, weddings, and trade shows.

Close-up magic shows involve the audience seated or standing, watching the magic show from beginning to end. If you have seen other magic shows in New York, this is a similar format.