Zoom Magic Show

An Interactive Experience with Hayden Childress

As seen on TEDxCharlotte and FOX46.

Zoom Magic is an interactive virtual show that features original sleight of hand and mentalism from Hayden Childress

This new virtual magic show takes place virtually through Zoom. Boost morale for your company with a highly interactive show that features magic, comedy, and mentalism.  

 Now accepting bookings for private groups through August 1st, 2020. 



Watch Hayden's TED Talk on Interactivity

Hayden believes it’s not enough to just have a show where people sit back and watch him do magic tricks. In today’s day and age, audiences want to DO something!


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ZOOM Magic Show with Hayden Childress

Gain front row access to Hayden’s virtual show and experience interactive magic and mentalism through your computer screen.

With this show, you won’t just be watching the magic – you will have the chance to participate.

Run time is approximately 45 minutes.


Who is Hayden Childress?

Hayden is a professional magician and mentalist based on the East Coast. He performs for organizations such as Bank of America, Amazon, and Lamborghini as well as colleges and performing arts centers. Hayden also completed a TED Talk on interactive performance which you will get to experience in this performance.


What can I expect from the show?

Watch the video above to get an idea of the show. This is much more than just watching Hayden perform tricks – it’s about the decisions that you all make as a group. It’s the difference between observing magic and experiencing.


Can all ages watch the show?

There isn’t any profanity or vulgar material. However, Hayden’s show is written for a mature audience, so it is recommended for ages 13+.


How many people can watch at once?

We can allow up to 1,000 users into each performance at a time. If you have a large group or want to increase the odds of being able to volunteer for a trick we recommend having separate screens and accounts.


Will everyone’s camera and microphone be on during the show?

This depends on the size of the group and the nature of the performance. Generally speaking, for groups of under 50 attendees, microphones and cameras can be turned on for all users. 

For groups of over 50 guests, the only two users who will have their cameras and microphones on would be Hayden and the volunteer. This is done to reduce interruptions during the performance.